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The Parents’ Choice Awards program honors the best material for children. is the proud recipient of the prestigious Silver Honor award for the Fall of 2009.

Website Award 2009


Review: is an online magazine and community designed to foster creative thought in a wide variety of topics, with an emphasis on science and math. KidzArena, the magazine section of the site, updated monthly with topics such as “Sci Time,” “Math Mania,” “Build It!,” “Artz Studio,” and “Kidz Kitchen.” Each topic has activities and interactive articles that are funny and interesting for the older elementary age group.

Visitors work to build a tower from shaving cream and straws, trying to make it as tall as possible. When young builders believe their structure is sound, they can turn on gravity with a press of the button to see how it holds up. If not, go back and try it again. Some of these activities are hilariously “gross”, like the Household Germ Hunt, where players swab different parts of an absolutely disgusting house to find the places harboring the most germs.

Articles are made more interesting with interactive features. “The Quest to Digest,” a step-by-step description of digestion, is made more engaging with clicks to coat a chewed apple with saliva and to swallow the bolus. Mmm! The magazine area is rounded out with art activities, including some cool optical illusions, and videos of kids in the kitchen cooking a variety of delicious dishes. Several of the activities come with off-line ideas, extending the learning beyond the computer.

KidzClix also has an online community for kids featuring moderated chat and forums for kids to talk about different activities and topics, get homework help, and connect with friends. This fun site holds up on multiple visits. The monthly subscription rate of $6.95 is reasonable considering the content changes on a monthly basis.

Amy Kraft   ©2009 Parents’ Choice

Amy Kraft is a children’s media producer with extensive experience in a wide array of media and curricula and excellent track record of meeting budgets and schedules seeks rewarding producing and game design work in children’s interactive entertainment.

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0, an award-winning children’s website created by top educators, advises parents on ways to keep their kids from experiencing learning loss during summer break.

Evanston, IL (PRWEB) June 10, 2009 - How will your child spend summer vacation? The educational experts at would like every child’s summer to include fun, relaxation and new learning opportunities. A continuation of learning is essential during the summer months if parents hope to prevent their child from the effects of the “summer slide”—the loss of learning that occurs in the summertime. A study by the John Hopkins Center for Summer Learning reports that all children experience learning loss when their summer break is lacking in educational activities. In addition, most kids lose 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in math skills during summer.

“Sadly, for many families the current economic recession has meant eliminating traditional enrichment activities like science and art camps, and even family vacations,” says Cheryl Lind, a school psychologist and founder of “Fortunately, there are ways to enhance your child’s summer learning experience that don’t cost a lot of money.” There are many opportunities for summer enrichment, notes Lind, some as near as one’s own back yard. Here are 5 effective ways to help your child stay sharp during the summer months:

• Find a local summer program to challenge your child. Many universities, museums, community organizations, local schools and recreation centers provide high-quality summer enrichment programs for a wide array of interests. Most offer scholarship opportunities and financial aid to those who qualify.

• Explore educational websites and video games geared toward learning. An inexpensive way to provide educational enrichment for children ages 7-12 is at The site promises to keep kids learning while having fun with100’s of mind-building activities, including math games, puzzles, experiments, art projects, magic tricks and much more.

• Visit your local library. Studies show that kids who read more are more successful academically. Most libraries have summer reading programs that offer incentives for kids to read throughout the summer. Challenge your child to a competition to see who can read the most books. Choose books that relate to things your kids are interested in and encourage them to read at least one hour each day.

• Plan a trip to a museum, nature center or zoo. These places offer a plethora of learning opportunities for the entire family. Everyone enjoys learning science or history in an exciting environment. Plus, many museums and zoos offer reduced or free admission to residents on certain days.

• Practice math skills at home and outdoors. Cooking with your kids is a great way to learn fractions. Excursions to the grocery store are an opportunity to practice adding and subtracting. Building a fort can include creating a blueprint and lots of measuring. The opportunities are endless.

In addition to these ideas, your local newspaper and family websites are a great resource for children’s activities. Remember, taking the time to plan academic enrichment into your child’s summer can reap big benefits in the fall.

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With the economy in its current recession mode, American families are looking for ways to cut back on spending.  Things like private lessons and supplemental enrichment activities for the kids are being trimmed from the family budget. Increasingly, parents are being forced to seek out low-cost ways to keep children entertained and learning at the same time.  The new buzz word for that is “edu-tainment,” and delivers just that.

Learning + Fun

This new website has brought the fun back into learning. promises to keep children ages 7-12 “edu-tained” with a variety of new activities and creative projects such as cooking tutorials, math and science games, chess, Sudoku, and much more.  The subscription-based online magazine publishes two new issues per month, keeping boredom far away and giving kids a constant stream of new ideas to look forward to.  Parents and children alike will be excited to log onto the site and find over 30 new activities per month, including extension projects for kids and their families to try out at home with simple materials.  These activities are designed by experts in the teaching and academic field, including recipients of the prestigious Golden Apple Award.  Plus, they are kid-tested to ensure top-notch fun. 

Members can also submit original artwork, recipes and project ideas to, giving children a feeling of accomplishment and pride.  It’s a tremendous resource for homeschoolers, providing a constant stream of creative activities to do at home and an opportunity to share their accomplishments with others.  Brothers and sisters will have fun figuring out puzzles and brain teasers together on a Friday evening, while also testing their math and science skills.  All of this is offered in a readable format, complete with colorful characters and kid-friendly features.  Parents will enjoy reading the comments by educators and experts in the field.  Plus, offers more information and activities than a traditional subscription to a kids’ magazine – print or online. 

Low-Cost Entertainment

Kids can check out a free sample issue offered by the folks at KidzClix to give families a taste of the online magazine prior to committing to a subscription.  Log onto, and your kids can play chess, make a shaving cream tower or try their hand at a step-by-step empanada recipe, among other activities in the Free Issue.  Cost for a subscription to is an affordable $6.95 per month, with deep discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.  By comparison, an evening at the cinema for a family of four can cost as much as $50 if you add in popcorn and soda. And, most likely, the kids won’t walk away with an increased knowledge of fractions or reading comprehension.

Best of all, can be enjoyed right in the privacy and safety of your own home.   And unlike many free kid’s websites with pop-up ads that can steer children to inappropriate or adult material, promises to keep advertisers out of its members-only site. Subscriptions can be purchased directly online at  Gift certificates are available by calling toll free at 1-888-899-4583. Questions about  Call the toll-free number, or email them to 

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KidzClix Is the “Smart” Holiday Gift Idea for Kids—Educational Games and Activities

That Creatively Engage Children Month After Month has announced the launch of its premier online “magazine,” designed for children ages 7-12, that includes over 30 new educational games, puzzles, kid’s crafts, and mind-boggling enrichment activities each month. It also includes its own social networking site (optional) with built-in security features to protect children.

Evanston, IL (PRWEB) December 11, 2008 – has announced the launch of its premier online “magazine,” designed for children ages 7-12. It is bursting with educational games, enrichment activities, and much more. This translates into hours of creative fun for children at home. Parents of homeschoolers will find it to be a rich resource for learning activities. “It’s ‘edu-tainment’ at its best!” according to Daniel Ostenso, associate professor of Interactive Media at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. As a holiday gift idea intended to inspire and enrich, is unparalleled.

Each month, subscribers to receive two new issues loaded with educational games, math activities, science experiments, puzzles, kid’s crafts, things to build, chess, cooking, the amazing achievements of other children, and much more. The goal at is to provide youngsters with activities that “inspire critical and creative thinking, foster originality, and develop imaginations.” It’s the ideal holiday gift idea that will help children grow throughout the year. subscribers can also access KidzConnect, an exclusive networking site designed with children’s online safety in mind. Subscribers who choose this optional feature can join in moderated online forums, chat rooms and message boards open only to members. Here youngsters can connect with other children for homework help, sharing ideas and joining in discussions of interest to kids today. It’s a valuable feature for parents who would like more social interaction for their homeschoolers. KidzConnect is compliant with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act) and its diligent staff of moderators makes it a top priority to maintain the safety and security of their members.

The site is a superb holiday gift idea, a way to enrich children by providing them with an array of educational games, math activities, science experiments, puzzles, and kid’s crafts developed by educators affiliated with a program with a proven track record of success. is the creation of staff members at the Center for Gifted, founded at National-Louis University in Chicago. Since 1983, the Center for Gifted has offered innovative hands-on enrichment programs for school children, including homeschoolers, throughout the Chicago area and currently serves over 4,000 youngsters.

“As an educator, I was frustrated by the many websites that are a waste of a child’s time,” says Cheryl Lind, an educational psychologist and the founder and president of “I wanted to provide a place where kids could have fun as well as grow intellectually.” Lind says she was inspired by the thousands of children she has seen benefit over the years from the Center for Gifted programs. “I wanted them to have access to creative, hands-on activities they could enjoy at home,” she explained, adding that many of the “meaningful activities” available at come from the Center’s best teachers, including several Golden Apple winners.

Lind joined forces with Mike Gorelick, a web designer and former science teacher, and the two spent the next two years developing the unique learning-based online magazine and networking site. “We are a safer online destination for kids,” says Gorelick, vice-president of KidzClix. “There is a real need for quality children’s websites, and I believe our graphics, interactivity, and educational content fill that need. Combining these features with structured social networking capabilities makes cutting edge.” is a unique holiday gift idea without the hassle of shopping or shipping. Cost for a subscription is $6.95 per month. Three-month, six-month and one-year subscriptions are discounted. When you visit their website at, your child can preview a free issue and try over 30 different educational games, experiments, puzzles, kid’s crafts and more. Personalized gift certificates are available by calling 888-899-4583

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