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Each month at we provide over 30 new activities to engage young minds and make learning an adventure. That translates into hours of fun right at home. Parents love us because can help children excel academically. Watch their enthusiasm for science; math and other subjects grow as they engage in existing projects, experiments, games and puzzles. These creative and innovative activities come from some of the finest teachers in the world, all experts in their fields, including recipients of the prestigious Golden Apple Award, and they have been tested by thousands of children and found to be of high interest, educational value and fun. Our useful resources help students think more deeply about the world around them, discovering creative solutions, solving problems, analyzing data, building and creating things. KidzClix is also a great place for kids to showcase their achievements. They have opportunities to display projects and artwork for the world to see in our gallery and contests. We also include a children’s networking site open only to members, with build- in security features ( we are COPPA compliant). No shopping, no shipping. Just visit us at     

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