Online Safety for Children

Online safety for anyone using the Internet is a significant issue that needs to be understood and enforced.  The online safety of children is even more important; and it is up to the parent to ensure their child if using the Internet in a safe and protected manner.  Below you can see some of the ways that KidzClix makes online safety a top priority.   Also, be sure to click on the link below that lists some very helpful tips for parents to make their kids experience online a safe one. Laptop with Our Online Safety

We are always searching and learning about online safety. We came across this webpage that does an excellent job of summing up parent guidelines for their child’s online experience:

Family Internet from

It is written by Christ Matte from

The basic points that the article covers are:

• Talk to your children - (Keep an open discussion about the Internet, teach them about it)

• Set guidelines - (set rules for online usage)

• Follow through - (stick with your rules for online usage)

• Pay attention - (See what your child is doing online when they are online)

• Read more about it - (Be ready to answer all questions from your child)

• Join the fun - (Join the same sites your child joins)

• Use available technology - (learn about Internet filters, firewalls, and monitoring software)

• Do a little sleuthing - (use browser history, cache, and cookies to monitor your child)

• Watch for warning signals - (look for any changes in a child’s personality or behavior)

• Know when to say “No” - (don’t let your child spend too much time online)

Have fun, but be safe! : )