It’s Rabbit Season - Duck Season - … Flu Season

It’s the flu season and the Swine Flu is making all the headlines, but here are some important facts you should know.

Doctor Treating Pig

Here is a list of links to articles on the flu season, swine flu, and swine flu hype:

Protect Kids from Swine Flu on Halloween; well that’s the title - Some nice, simple tips on things like hand washing as it relates to Halloween time that is upon us. Making it a good time to bring up the subject of Swine Flu and the flu in general.

12 Tips to Prevent Colds and Flus - Very good (common sense sometimes) tips form It’s mostly basic, but always good to go over again.

A Parent’s Guide to N1H1 - From Kids Health website, it answers the questions you have about Swine Flu.

Prevent Swine Flu for Special Needs Children - If your child has special needs (ie. disabled), then this short article may be able to help with some good ideas.

Red Cross’ Offers Flu Prevention Tips - “As parents and teachers know, children have a way of picking up colds and other illnesses at school. As the number of swine flu (H1N1 Flu Outbreak) cases increases in the U.S., it becomes even more important to teach kids how to stay healthy.”

From - Flu Basics - Synopsis through different stages of flu: Symptoms, Duration, Treatment, Transmission, Prevention

Help Prevent the Flu at School - “Children are especially vulnerable to infection by viruses, such as the H1N1 virus, which is also known as the swine flu. There are many different techniques that can help kids to avoid getting infected by the swine flu at school.”

Teach Kids How to Avoid Germs - There is also a video! Washing your hands after many activities is important for kids at school and at home.

The Science and Ignorance of the Swine Flu Hype - “Ignorance is bred from fear. In this case, the fear-inducing hype of dying from swine flu and the fear of being first in line to get the untested vaccine are contented partners at the dance. ”

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