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As one of the most famous of all detectives, you are not a stranger to strange cases. However, this case is most baffling. In the graveyard is a secret entrance to a hidden crypt where stolen jewels were hidden over 100 years ago. But the tombstones look a lot alike. It could take years to find the right one! And you don’t have the time. Your mission must be completed by sunrise, or the clues will disappear. However, rumors have it that the bandits left secret instructions along the way if you know where to look. You also heard that they left booby traps along the way to discourage detection. However, you know something that others don’t. You overheard a strange conversation that you believe is the first clue (adults often say things in front of children assuming incorrectly that you won’t understand, which is quite an advantage!).

Concentration Crew Game

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