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I am in the sixth grade and am having problems with my homework and studying. I can do all the work, but the stress is too much for me. What can I do to lessen the stress of homework and studying?


Conrad: The thing to remember is that you’re only in sixth grade! You should be having fun, not stressing over homework. Do the best you can and then forget about it. Remember, everyone has bad days and good days and no one is perfect. It’s impossible to always be at the top of your game all the time.


Clara: Change the way you think about homework and tests. If you can do all the work, then you are planning right and should do just fine. Prepare and relax. You’ll be just fine. And maybe get some exercise, and make time for just hanging out with friends, and talking about your life with family.


 Professor Clix: I have to agree with Conrad−it’s too early in your life to be this stressed out in school. Homework and studying aren’t always easy and can certainly be frustrating, but these things are not your whole life. You have friends, family, and fun activities to enjoy, so it’s important to try and find balance between the hard stuff and the fun stuff. You might try studying with a friend or creating a study group with several friends−this way you can get your work done and have a good time doing it!


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Conrad and Clara are Chicago area teens who love to write and give advice. Professor Clix is Cheryl Lind, Ed.S., a school psychologist who works with children ages 4-14 in the Chicago area.





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